Branding, Logo Design & Corporate Identity

Branding is more than just a logo.

Creativity is at our roots at Chirp Media. It’s where we began. From mind to paper. From paper to pixel. And back to the mind. We apply bottomless thinking and zealous diligence to creative projects. As award-winning designers, we believe emotional connections are the key to brand loyalty. We draw on the traditional roots of brand marketing for wisdom on creating nostalgic, lifestyle connections between brands and people.

Creative magic doesn’t stop at the logo or the web page. We’re fancy ourselves as brand curators. We go beyond the visual and into the heart of your brand to build bridges to the hearts of your customers. We identify the ways and means by which your products or services fulfill emotional and lifestyle needs of those who matter to your business. That means we begin all projects with a deep dive into your business – your product, service, issues, and desires.

Customer Confidence

A strong brand communicates that you're a reliable professional. It not only increases the likelihood that customers will buy from you but also increases the amount they're willing to pay.

Time & Cost Savings

An established set of brand standards gives you the tools you need to produce signage, marketing materials, packaging and digital assets, saving you time and money.

Increased Sales

A high quality and consistent brand make your company instantly recognizable. That recognition factor builds brand loyalty which leads to increased sales and referability.

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