Who we are

We’re perched to provide technical, strategic and creative solutions for your organization. From back-end information technology, to the front-end magic of marketing - we bring a responsive, investigative approach to all facets of your business.

What we do

As experienced business consultants, we don’t just wing it. We begin with a bird’s eye view of your organization, then burrow down into all the details – your operations, workflow, customers, and your vision.

Why we do it

We want to deliver masterful, customized business, creative and marketing solutions that advance your businesses productivity, efficiency, customer relationships and brands. Chirp. We help businesses reach new heights.

Our favorite projects

Our guys & gals

Photo of Richard Walsh, President of Chirp Media

Richard Walsh

Brand Master, Principle
Photo of Queenie Wei, Managing Partner at Chirp Media

Queenie Wei

Chaos Harmonizer, Managing Partner
Photo of Alison Masniuk, Creative Director Chirp Media

Alison Masniuk

Creative Director
Photo of Taylor Stephenson, Creative Engineer at Chirp Media

Taylor Stephenson

Digital Disciple
Photo of Jordan Clermont, Creative Engineer at Chirp Media

Jordan Clermont

Digital Disciple
Photo of Sohrab Soltani, Creative Engineer at Chirp Media

Sohrab Soltani

Creative Engineer
Photo of David Andrew Wiebe, Content Strategist at Chirp Media

David Andrew Wiebe

Content Strategist